Publications & Tools

Documenting human rights abuses. The Advocates for Human Rights works in our home community and with partners around the globe to document human rights abuses that result when systems break down. The Advocates has documented systemic failures to protect women from domestic violence, immigrants from discrimination and exploitation, and expose other human rights violations.  

Training human rights defenders. We develop and document human rights methodologies. From the groundbreaking Minnesota Protocol, which set the global standard for investigating extrajudicial killings, to handbooks for developing a human rights-based advocacy strategy, The Advocates helps build capacity to protect human rights.

Advocating for accountability. We work at the United Nations and regional human rights mechanisms to hold governments accountable for human rights violations and support change. We partner with LGBTI activists, death penalty abolitionists, women's rights defenders, and diaspora communities to bring human rights violations to international attention.

Teaching the next generation. The Advocates' curricula and lesson plans help educators teach human rights in their classrooms.