Racism / Equality / Anti-Discrimination Links

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
An organization that works to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties in court, legislatures, and communities. Priority issues include equal protection (protection against unlawful discrimination) and due process, among others.

Anti-Racist Alliance (ARA)
Designed for individuals, educators, activists and trainers who are interested in being part of a national movement for racial justice.  With a curriculum designed to create change, ARA holds to the vision that the will of White America can be transformed for racial justice, and the transformation will take place one person at a time. It can be accomplished through organized action for reparations and racial justice.

Campaigns for the freedom of millions of people worldwide who are trapped in situations of slavery or slavery-like practices.

Artists Against Racism 
Join leading musicians, actors, authors and artists from around the world in an ambitious public education campaign, largely targeting youth, to combat racism. Check out how youth can get involved through school concerts, videos and other artistic actions and learn from the experiences of other youth.

The Daughters and Sisters Project 
Here you can learn about issues that young women are facing and be inspired to better relations between genders and cultures.

Disabled Peoples' International 
An international organization working to promote the human rights and full participation of people with disabilities. Click on resources to research by subject or by region.

Institute of Education Sciences/National Center for Education Statistics
Provides an overview and trends of persisting achievement gaps in the United States, as well as detailed reports by subject, state, and demographic group.

The Leadership Conference
An organization that works on a host of civil and human rights issues, including education, equal opportunity, housing, racial profiling, as well as many others.

National Geographic Kids 
Shows a short movie about the Underground Railroad, a passage from south to north leading thousands of slaves to freedom.

Remembering Slavery 
Allows you to hear original recordings and dramatic readings of personal stories of living in slavery.

Teachers Against Prejudice 
A non-profit group dedicated to fighting prejudice, intolerance and bigotry through education. TAP helps teachers address issues of sensitivity and respect concerning diversity in the classroom. Provides trained professionals to teach students how to confront prejudice.

The Southern Poverty Law Center created Tolerance.org which is dedicated to fighting hate and promoting tolerance. The site features sections for kids, teens, parents, and teachers. Click on “For Teens” to learn 10 Ways to Fight Hate and order a free “Mix It Up Handbook” to start a dialogue on the social climate in your school.