Monitoring and Documentation

Our monitoring reports bring change. Using our time-tested methodology to monitor violence against women, The Advocates for Human Rights' reports document findings and provides recommendations. We have published our monitoring methodology, which is available by clicking here.

When our report on domestic violence in Croatia recommended eliminating a provision in the Prosecutor’s Law that was harmful to domestic violence victims, the Croatian parliament removed the provision. Based on The Advocates for Human Rights' decades of experience, a critical step to address violence against women is assessing a government's compliance with international standards relating to this human rights issue. The implementation of laws is a critical focus when making such an assessment.

Internationally, The Advocates monitors and documents domestic violence, rape, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking. In a recent report on Mongolia, The Advocates worked with its local partner, National Center Against Violence, to document gaps in the response of Mongolia's criminal justice system. Our report also identified hurdles that women face when trying to obtain effective protection against abusers. Our report made several recommendations, including amendments needed to the criminal law to make domestic violence a crime. We also recommended strengthening penalties for existing crimes when domestic violence is involved.

In Minnesota, we led the way to respond effectively to sex trafficking's youngest victims and to combat sex trafficking. Our multi-pronged initiative began with research, documentation, and publication of two reports on sex trafficking in Minnesota and the Safe Harbor Law. This work led to a set of laws in Minnesota, which now serves as a model for the United States federal government and states throughout the country. Read or download the report, Sex Trafficking Needs Assessment for the State of Minnesota. Read or download the report's executive summary. Read or download The Advocates' fact sheet on sex trafficking.