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Hatred, bias, discrimination, and marginalization fester in silence. The Advocates for Human Rights breaks that silence by documenting and reporting on human rights abuses.

The Advocates seeks to document incidents, use the information to educate about the impact of hatred, and advocate to protect those at risk.  

Have you experienced or witnessed an act of hate? Share your story.

We invite people to describe their experiences. If you choose, you may also share your contact information with us and we may follow up for more details about what you experienced. With your permission, The Advocates for Human Rights may use your report in advocacy before the United Nations, with policy makers, and in the media.

Who was involved? Where did it take place? Did anyone intervene?
Tell us what happened: 

Date of incident: 
City and state: 
Did you call the police? File an official complaint? Talk to someone in charge? If yes, what happened? If no, why not?
Did you report it?