The Advocates School in Nepal

The Sankhu-Palabari Community School (SPCS), established in 1999, provides free education to Nepalese children who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to go to school. This program prevents child labor in Kathmandu Valley's Sankhu-Palubari community by providing an alternative to child labor. The school is a partnership between the teaching staff, the local community, The Advocates for Human Rights, and our Nepali administrative partner, Educate the Children.

The school provides a free education, uniform, books, and a daily meal to about 350 students in grades pre-K through 10. The Advocates and its partners have acheived the goal of gender parity with girls making up 52 percent of enrolled students.

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Our latest photos of the new school building.

March 2015

A team of The Advocates' volunteers accompanied Jennifer Prestholdt, our deputy director, to the Sankhu-Palubari Community School in Nepal in March 2015. We hope you enjoy some of their snapshots.

Provide an alternative to child labor
Educate children who can't afford to go to school
Achieve gender parity, & giving bright futures to girls as well as boys
Engage the community and teaching staff
Improve literacy rates and increase the number of students who continue to higher education