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Afghan Evacuees

I am an Afghan, how can I get help?
I am in Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota

The Advocates for Human Rights and partners invite you to a free Legal Clinic to help you understand your immigration documents and legal options. The Clinic can give you information on how to help yourself and how to find a lawyer to take your case.

.د واټساپ له طریقه چټ یا مسیج کولو لپاره دا کوډ سکن کړئ تر څو وکولی شی د مهاجرت د اسنادو باره کی مو سوالونه یا پوښتني مطرح کړۍ
.برای اغاز ګفتګو واتس آپ در باره موضوعات مهاجرت با دفتر حقوقی کود ذېل را سکن نمایید

What is the Legal Clinic?
Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up to meet with a lawyer. Text or send a WhatsApp message to 612-293-9335. Tell us your full name, language, number of people in your family.

Step 2: Intake Meeting

After you sign up, we schedule a meeting within two weeks, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday between 12:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. At the meeting we will:

  • talk about your basic information and legal documents, and
  • give you a time and a date for a 90-minute video meeting with a volunteer lawyer.
Step 3: Lawyer Meeting

The volunteer lawyer will review your documents and answer your questions. This meeting usually happens within two weeks of the intake meeting. This meeting is by video.

Step 4: Information Letter

After you meet with the volunteer lawyer, we will send you a letter that:

  • explains what you talked about during the meetings,
  • has a list of lawyers you can ask to help you fill out papers or represent you (some of these lawyers charge money), and
  • includes information on how you can fill out papers on your own.

We may be able to help fill out papers for people who do not have enough money to pay a lawyer. See our website for information:

Self-Help Resources in Pashto and Dari

I am an Afghan in Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota


Text or send a WhatsApp message anytime, or email the Afghan Legal Clinic.

I am an Afghan, but I am not in Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota