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7 Principles for Immigration Justice

March 15, 2021

When people move with dignity, the world is a more just, safe, and peaceful place. The United States' outdated immigration system is in drastic need of changes that bring our policies in-line with our values and the realities of human movement.

This year, policymakers in Washington have the opportunity to tackle long-overdue reframing of U.S. immigration laws and policies. While we must undo and redress the harms of past policies, reframing requires bold vision and action that goes beyond undoing harms. The United States must develop workable, commonsense, people-centered policies that focus on the dignity of individuals and communities throughout the migration process.

The Advocates’ priorities for immigration reform include:

1. Ensuring no one is returned to face persecution, torture, or other human rights violations in their home countries or elsewhere.

2. Building an immigration system designed for people to successfully navigate, remain or regain status, and build stable lives as part of our communities.

3. Ending reliance on costly and harmful systems of criminalization and incarceration to exclude and expel.

4. Investing in resources needed to fairly adjudicate cases, including legal representation for people facing deportation or seeking protection; fully functioning asylum and refugee corps, USCIS adjudicators, and immigration courts; and support for new Americans to live with well-being and dignity.?

5. Dismantling systems of exploitation of refugee and immigrant workers.

6. Increasing inclusivity and welcome that build and maintain diverse communities rather than sowing division.

7. Ensuring human rights protections for families, individuals and community members wherever they are.