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Newswire February 2023: Huge Legislative Updates, Spring House Parties, Trainings & More!

February 8, 2023

Bills Restoring Human Rights Move Through Minnesota Legislature.

Read how efforts to restore access to driver's licenses for all, end felony disenfranchisement, prevent trafficking are paying off this session. Learn more.

Spring Event Series

Join Us in Person to Celebrate Our 40th Anniversary of Defending Human Rights.

Our upcoming house parties will highlight the work our staff and volunteers do to help promote human rights, both locally and abroad. Learn more.

Embedding Human Rights in Media Coverage of Violence Against WomenAt the invitation of Mobilizing for Rights Associates & Networks of Change to mark the launch of their new media manual, we traveled to Morocco to train journalists and journalism students on responsible reporting on violence against women. Learn more.

First Barbara Frey Fellow Makes Huge Impact at The Advocates

A decade after her internship, Verónica Cadavid González joins The Advocates staff to center client engagement through the organization. Read more.