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Online Trainings

Explore our online trainings designed for volunteers, pro bono attorneys, human rights defenders, and educators to build their capacity to tackle challenging human rights issues.

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For Pro Bono Attorneys
Working with Clients Who Have Experienced Trauma

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Many of the clients that The Advocates takes on for pro bono representation have survived traumatic experiences. This training goes over how past trauma may be affecting your client's behavior and their ability to participate in immigration proceedings. This shifts your perspective from "What's wrong with you" to "What happened to you," which ultimately leads to a more empathetic and effective client-attorney relationship.

Time to complete: 60 minutes

1 MN Elimination of Bias CLE credit approved (event code 492581).

Preparing an Asylum Application: Affirmative and Defensive

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This training is for pro bono attorneys who have clients appearing before an asylum officer or immigration judge and will cover:

  • the USCIS application form (Form I-589);
  • the written declaration by the applicant explaining in detail the basis for their claim;
  • documents specific to the case that corroborate the applicant’s claim;
  • expert witness reports; and
  • indexed country conditions reports.

Time to complete: 50 minutes

Preparing for an Asylum Interview

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The asylum interview is the final step of the affirmative asylum process and can be intimidating for both client and attorney. After completing this module, you will:

  • understand the role of the attorney during the asylum interview;
  • know how to arrange the logistics of the interview;
  • feel confident in your preparation of the legal case; and
  • be ready to prepare your client so they can share their story effectively.

Time to complete: 40 minutes