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The Government Response to Domestic Violence Against Refugee and Immigrant Women in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area: A Human Rights Report

Documents domestic violence against refugee and immigrant women in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area as a human rights violation in the United States. With this report, The Advocates highlights many of the innovative programs and legislative initiatives that advance the safety of battered refugee and immigrant women in our community and the prosecution of their abusers. The report finds that battered refugee and immigrant women in the Twin Cities area nevertheless face serious obstacles in accessing protection from domestic violence and government services, and in pursuing accountability for their abusers. These obstacles include language barriers and inadequate access to interpretation services; barriers from within immigrant communities that impede government effectiveness; fear of government institutions and immigration authorities; inadequate funding of necessary services and programs, and other obstacles in the law or implementation of the law. This report includes an analysis of governments' compliance with their obligation to protect the human rights, safety and security of refugee and immigrant women who are victims of violence. ISBN: 0-929293 57-6 [links to appendices and executive summary broken on current site]