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Bulgaria - Universal Periodic Review - Women's Human Rights - 2010

Date: November 1, 2010
Country: Bulgaria
Type: Intl Mechanism Submission
Issues: Bias and Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence, International Advocacy, Policing, Women's Rights
Mechanism: Universal Periodic Review
Report Type: Stakeholder Report
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Ninth Session of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review, United Nations Human Rights Council, November 1-12, 2010

Partner: Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation

This submission addresses Bulgaria's compliance with its human rights obligations in the context of domestic violence.

The Advocates for Human Rights and its Bulgarian partner, the Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, submitted a report to the UN Human Rights Council focusing on Bulgaria's progress toward protecting the human rights of women in that country. The submission addresses Bulgaria’s compliance with its human rights obligations in the context with domestic violence.

The Bulgarian government has taken many positive steps toward protecting victims of domestic violence and punishing perpetrators. The adoption of new domestic violence legislation and subsequent amendments marked important steps in ensuring the right of victims to equal protection of the law. One cannot, however, change an attitude simply by changing the laws. Regular training of legal system actors—including police, judges, prosecutors and social services—is necessary to ensure effective implementation of the law and protection of domestic violence victims.