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Teaching Immigration with the Immigrant Stories Project Lesson Plans

Teaching Immigration with the Immigrant Stories Project helps students learn about aspects of United States immigration, past and present, through the personal experiences of immigrants and refugees. The lessons highlight digital stories from the Immigration History Research Center's Immigrant Stories collection: brief, original videos made by immigrants and refugees. These creative and poignant personal and family immigration stories include accounts of families separated and reunited, memories of life in refugee camps, and finding love and pursuing education thousands of miles from home. The videos are 3 to 5 minutes long, so students may watch several in class.

The curriculum includes three units:

  • “Unit One: Understanding Immigration” introduces students to why and how individuals and families immigrate
  • “Unit Two: Refugees and Asylum Seekers” introduces students to the U.S. refugee and asylum systems
  • “Unit Three: Youth, Identity, and Immigration” teaches students about the experiences of immigrant youth and immigrants’ children.”