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Court Monitoring: WATCH’s First Look at Ramsey County Criminal Courts

WATCH’s method of conducting this study was to observe the behavior and decision-making of all major system players in Ramsey County criminal courtrooms. The recommendations in this report are based on the information gathered from those observations. In its 25 years of existence, WATCH has published reports with the intent that its findings and recommendations would spark a broader discussion about systematic changes within our court system. The same holds true with today’s report. This report is meant to lay the groundwork for further research in Ramsey County about the appropriate handling of cases of violence against women and children.

WATCH’s primary focus for this study was on judicial demeanor in the following areas: (1) Respect and Courtroom Decorum, (2) Efficiency and Timeliness, (3) Impartiality, (4) Accountability, and (5) Communication. This report also addresses attorney behavior and the need for childcare services within the court system.