Human Trafficking Initiative

Human trafficking is a human rights abuse that involves the exploitation of a person for labor or sex. Recognized as a global phenomenon, the International Labour Organization estimates that nearly 21 million people are victims of forced labor worldwide, generating $150 billion annually.

International standards long have prohibited slavery and forced labor. In 2000, the Palermo Protocol addressed the continuing problem of trafficking in persons and called on governments to prohibit human trafficking, protect victims, and prevent trafficking from occurring.

The Advocates for Human Rights' Human Trafficking Initiative brings together efforts to monitor government compliance with international obligations, document violations, advocate for human rights-based public policy responses, and provide free legal assistance to foreign national victims in need of help with immigration status.

The Advocates for Human Rights provides immigration legal assistance to human trafficking victims in the Upper Midwest. Call 612-341-9845 to begin client intake.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center 24/7 hotline can help victims connect with help throughout the United States. Report a tip or request services at 888-373-7888.