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Human Rights Tools for a Changing World

Updated Chapters
UN Advocacy

This chapter provides advocates with practical information on how to do advocacy work at the United Nations. It includes information on charter-based human rights mechanisms, or the parts of the United Nations that applies to all Member States regardless of which treaties they have ratified, such as the Universal Periodic Review, the Human Rights Council, and the Third Committee. It also covers treaty-based human rights mechanisms, or the human rights committees that are only applicable to Member States who have ratified specific treaties.

National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs)

This chapter covers national human rights institutions or NHRIs. These are governmental bodies with a constitutional or legislative mandate to protect and promote human rights. They are part of the national government structure and are funded by the government, but they operate and function independently from government. This chapter provides an overview of the types of NHRIs, the certification and oversight of NHRIs, and ways in which advocates can engage with NHRIs.